the just-be list

Apparently it’s meant to be 30 degrees today. The time is 10.00am, it’s raining, and the indoor thermometer tells me it’s 23 degrees. I guess today could turn out to be 7 degrees warmer and stickier. Why am I rambling on about the weather? Not really sure, but days like today are perfect stay-at-home-and-tidy-up-and-chill kind of days. The To-Do List isn’t too long, however I would like to make sure the Just-Be List gets some attention too.

My current favourite way to Just-Be is listening to Daily Audio Bible. It’s a pretty amazing ministry, and kind of nice to know that you’re part of a huge global community reading the Word together. I started listening after the new year began, so I’m still in the January readings. The task driven part of me wants to pull an all-day listening festival in an attempt to catch up, but the smaller voice of reason is reminding me that reading the Bible isn’t meant to be a chore to be ticked-off the To-Do List. Sometimes I listen and knit which I find quite relaxing. The Other Lesley at work started a monthly lunchtime Stitch and Knit group, so I’m knitting blanket squares

The Just-Be list was given loving attention yesterday. Gill and I met up at the Museum of Contemporary Art to see the Annie Liebovitz photographic exhibition. I found I connected more with the informal family photos than the shots of celebrities sprawled across hotel beds. There was a lovely photo of her parents sleeping with their grandson. He was lying in-between them in the centre of the bed with his Ernie doll and teddy bear, and the grandparents were pushed to the edges. Other photos of her father’s death at home were very moving. From there we parted ways, and I walked up to the Museum of Sydney to see “From Little Things Big Things Grow” – an exhibition about the history of indigenous rights in Australia. Might write more about that later. Mosied on home, pottered around, and finished the evening watching Kung Fu Panda which was a lot of charming, ridiculous, chuckle-out-loud fun.

Ok, it’s now 10.30, and I’m still in my PJs. Time for some To-Do.

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