smoke, poo, and fear

Warning: self-indulgent pity post ahead.

Today’s work related post is brought to you by the smells of smoke, poo, and fear.

‘Fear’ because I bombed in spectacular fashion in this morning’s interview. In front of my boss, former boss, and close colleague. Throat so sore I could barely talk, and I know I didn’t answer the questions very well, or even talk in a coherent fashion. Just lost all confidence. The extra sting is that I requested the interview process because there hadn’t been any merit selection to date for the acting gig, which is just wrong. One other person applied and based on my performance they may well end up with the job. Blessing in disguise? We’ll wait and see.

‘Poo’ because sewerage smells were detected in the basement. I know because I conducted my own Sniff Test. Every November we are on Basement Alert, so it’s not such a surprise. Four years ago we were awash in the filthy muck. Fingers crossed that it is just a malingering odour, and not a burst pipe waiting to happen.

‘Smoke’ because just before we all left work for the day, a strong electrical burning smell permeated the floor. Followed shortly after by smoke pouring out of the ceiling vents but thankfully no flames. After getting everyone off the floor, I called my boss, the building manager, and security. Judging by my boss’s reaction when I saw him later (I hung around to make sure everything was OK.) I felt like he thought I hadn’t followed the correct emergency procedure or called the right people. No, I only made sure my staff were safe and out of the building.

Still feeling unwell, and now cranky and upset. So, today joins my personal list of Top 10 Crappiest Days Ever (TTCDE). I’ll feel better once I’ve had a cleansing cry, a hot bath, and a cup of tea. It’s times like these that coming home to an empty house with no significant other to talk with about my day is hard. So this blog post will have to suffice. It will be OK. When I’m in a better head space, I will reflect on what happened, think about what to do better next time, learn from my stuff-ups, and move on. Hope your day was better.

Update: It was a burst pipe waiting to happen. Thankfully the plumber repaired the offending pipe this morning before anything serious happened. The smoke has cleared. Apparently there was a fault in an air-con unit. Too soon to have heard anything about the interview. But I’m preparing handover notes, staff comms, and tidying up the office, just in case it’s not a favourable outcome.