february 545

Inspired by Jenny’s photo challenge, I’m starting one of my own – just for the month of February. Every day at 5.45pm I will take a photo of wherever I happen to be. Why 5.45pm? Because at 5.00pm I will most likely still be at work, 4.00pm is too early and I don’t think my boss would be amused if I started taking pics during a meeting, and February at 6.00pm just doesn’t sound as good as February at 5.45pm. So there, we have it. February at 5.45pm. Or February 5.45 for short.

Disclaimer: Don’t expect too much. This project will most likely result in weeks of pics of the office, or the intersection crossing to the train station, or the train platform, or from the train on the way home. A pictorial record of mundane moments.

Note: I reserve the right to delay the taking of a photo to the next convenient moment if the situation or circumstance at 5.45pm proves to be inappropriate (e.g. in the middle of prayer time at church), disruptive (e.g. in the middle of a movie), or could cause injury (e.g. if I’m driving).


  • Jenny says:

    Looking forward to it!

  • lesley says:

    Just working out technical logistics. Today’s pic was taken and uploaded to Twitter. This is the easiest method for quickly uploading pics, but my Twitter account is private so unless you have an account and I have approved yours to follow mine, you won’t see the pics. The best solution is to post them on the blog, which will generate a tweet automatically. The downside is that there could be a time delay of some hours, and I kind of like the immediacy of Twitter. Oh the dilemma!

  • lesley says:

    All solved. Downloaded WordPress iphone app. Too easy!

  • Mil says:

    I so need to get some batteries for my camera, I want to do a photo challenge.