Not sure about this church sign. My understanding of the concept is not positive (i.e. giving away unwanted gifts without the giver finding out.) and not what I would want associated with Jesus. Maybe I’m missing something, but this is not sitting comfortably with me. (The fair skinned baby Jesus also doesn’t sit comfortably, but we’ll leave that alone for this post.) Your thoughts?

Update: 12.09am
Having thought about this some more, I get the idea of Jesus and/or the message of the gospel being the unwanted, rejected gift. Where the analogy falls down in my opinion is that the person offered the unwanted gift won’t pass it on to someone else. The gift will stay with the Giver because it has been rejected.

The key message or intent of the poster has not been communicated clearly. And if the message isn’t clear, it won’t be understood. Poster fail.

Again, your thoughts are welcome.


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