dear diary – special edition

This special treat isn’t from the diary, but I was eleven at the time, so I figure it still fits within the ‘diary universe’. So, Mum has been sorting through a box of papers, and happened upon this gem …


Check out that fabulous cursive writing! And now for the slow reveal …


Mum likes cats. Given what you’re about to see, the card selection is either an emotionally manipulative choice, or all I could find. Probably the latter. Ok, here we go …


Mum thinks this may have been on one of the rare occasions that Dad was away for work. I have no idea what I did to generate such guilt, but it must have been something good. I mean, bad. (Note though that the confession of “mucking up” is in inverted commas, so my sincerity could be considered questionable.) Anyway, I am very glad that Mum kept this love token. And I love that I took such care to date the card. Even at eleven, the administrative gifts are emerging.

Dear Diary will return next year. A very Happy New Year to the DD fans. All three of you.