#marchscavhunt : day 2

Day 2 – Zombie – 39 points
From the movie ‘Zombieland’

Today I broke my #marchscavhunt rule about only taking photos that were either fun or funny, and ended up with a lazy Plan B photo which was neither. There is a story about how I ended up with an un-fun Plan B photo. This is it. –> Earlier in the afternoon I had a ‘Kiss from a Stranger’ photo in the bag. Taken. Done. Dusted. Worth 74 points so I should have been happy. But I wasn’t. I hadn’t felt comfortable asking. I didn’t feel particularly comfortable about the photo. And I didn’t feel comfortable about posting it for the world to see. So I deleted it. I know, I know. 74 points! What was I thinking?! Peace. That’s what I was thinking. Peace of mind. Peace in my soul. Peace and 39 points. Worth way more than 74 uncomfortable points.

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