#marchscavhunt : day 3

Day 3 – Recreate a scene from a movie – 52 points
Movie: Lantana
Scene: Valerie Somers makes a phone call to her husband after her car breaks down.

Was this pic fun to do? Yes! Back on track. Hired ‘Lantana’ last night, and then watched it on fast-forward to identify the scene (54 min mark, right at the end). Drove to the location today for lunch with John, Jane, Hannah, Jo, Victor, and Sebastian. (Jane and Jo’s photos are also from Pie in the Sky.) The weather was overcast but not raining while we were eating. And then when it came time to get the pic, it bucketed down! Still fun though. Here’s the pic.

Here’s the actual scene from Lantana. (The phone box was a prop, and the boat disintegrated a few years months ago.)

Day 3-Photo1

And here’s the back story to getting the pic. I knew that I wanted to complete this category, but which film? Initially I was thinking of this ridiculous scene from the end of ‘Independence Day’ when **SPOILER ALERT** the aliens have been defeated. I remember laughing out loud at the cinema when I saw this for the first time.

Day 3-Photo2

But how to pull it off? Then this scene from the movie ‘Sunshine’ came to mind …

Day 3-Photo3

But again, how to pull it off? I thought of scenes from ‘The Matrix’ too, but without studio backing, a big name star, and a snow machine, recreating a scene from a science-fiction film was proving near impossible.

Until Jane thought of ‘Lantana’. Brilliant! Thanks Jane! Local. Low budget. And fun. It rained the whole time, but it was still fun. Probably because Jane and Jo were there too, laughing with me. #marchscavhunt. Building community. Beautiful.

Day 3-Photo4

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