#marchscavhunt : day 4

Day 4 – Inside an abandoned building – 51 points.

Glad to have #marchscavhunt out of the way early in the day. The category chosen today demanded “a photo taken inside an abandoned building. The building cannot be merely empty, but must be unused and falling into disrepair.” This place meets all the criteria. It was a restaurant that burned down last year taking with it the buildings on either side. The lane behind has been blocked off for months with yellow danger tape and fencing. All of which kindled (ha, ha) a desire to sneak over there and check out the extent of the damage. So today I did. The lane isn’t blocked off anymore, but it probably should be because on the extensive scale, this place gets a 10. From what I could tell none of the rubble has been cleared. There is twisted metal and corrugated iron sheeting everywhere. To get the pic I climbed a low ladder-like stair, and balanced on the remnants of the back porch where staff used to perch for their tea break. (Read: smoko break) After all this time and rain, the place still reeks of smoke and danger. I didn’t hang around for long.


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