retro, enameled, splendour

I caught the beginnings of a bad, bad, bug back in April. Or was it May? In any case, Mum and I were visiting rellies up in Forster. Mum wanted to fossick around in second-hand bookstores, so we took a trip to a local Op Shop. While Mum browsed the shelves for crime novels, I wandered around looking at clothes, furniture, and the usual bric-a-brac these kinds of places tend to attract. And there they were in their retro, enameled, splendour. A small selection of souvenir spoons. They made me smile, so I bought them. They still make me smile, so I’ve started buying more. Acutely aware that this new hobby could quickly spiral out of control, I’ve set some limits. Candidates for the collection can only be considered if they meet the following criteria:

1. Have the same retro, enameled, style (circa 1960s-1970s)
2. Are the Stuart brand (seems to be the most common)
3. Depict a NSW location, or
4. an Australian capital city, or
5. a Big tourist attraction, (e.g. the Big Pineapple), or
6. are just plain odd (Like the one seen recently of a suburban, Methodist church.)
7. Cost no more than $2 a spoon

Preferably the spoons will come from Op Shops (to avoid hanging out on eBay). The monthly spending limit is $10. Gifted spoons are allowed (hint, hint).

So there we have it. A ridiculous, new, hobby. But one that makes me smile. I have been trying to find out more about the Stuart company, and the designer, but no luck so far. When I have a few more, the next step will be planning a Souvenir Spoon Road Trip to visit each place. Fun!

In the pic below are the spoons from Forster. The Stuart spoons are on the left. The last two are a different brand, but still nice.


And no, I’m not planning to buy any daggy spoon racks. This is daggy enough.

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