goodbye redshoes

It’s official. redshoes is no more.

A few months back I was considering deleting the blog. Then it dawned on me that the blog’s title was the issue. I didn’t like the name. Pardon the word play, but the name didn’t “fit” me.

Truth is – the pair of red sneakers that inspired the name disintegrated long, long ago.

Truth is – the fairy tale of the same name is menacing and tragic, and I don’t want to be associated with that narrative or its themes.

Truth is – I don’t want to be redshoes anymore. Without getting all psycho-babbly, the person I am now is not the same person that wore the pair of red sneakers.

So, what to do? Rather than kill off the blog completely, I’m happy for it to live on, with a transitional name while I think of something better …

pink crocs


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  • Keith says:

    Good on ya Lesley.I think I understand what you are saying. I’ll wait with interest for your next name