In an attempt to overcome “blogging block” in May last year, I followed Tom’s lead and requested topics to write about. There were some excellent suggestions, but shortly afterwards Dad went into hospital and the blogging became even more haphazard. I’d like to write more this year, so below is the list of suggestions you made. For good measure, I’ve included the blogging suggestions I made to Tom. Fair’s fair. And for funsies I’ve added the suggestions other people made to Tom. Some of those could be very short posts. My plan is to write at least one post each week, working systematically through the list – top to bottom.

Your suggestions to me:

1. Dewey decimal … vs library of congress? What is that all about. Blog on that.
2. 3 people or three foods on a desert island – who or what??
3. What’s old but you’re still enjoying it?
4. What makes God feel real rather than an elusive idea?
5. If you had to go start a new life somewhere, where would you go and what would you do
6. Singleness
7. One movie you can watch over and over, and why
8. One photo or movie still that inspires you
9. If Hornsby was a person how would you describe it
10. Oh the other day I read a blog post about Noah’s wife and I have been thinking about it quite a bit. It really made me laugh. And reflect too. So, what I would like is if you could pick an obscure bible character and write their side of the story.
11. Something that inspired you in the last few days.
12. Could you please also answer the dopey question that I asked Tom?

My suggestions to Tom:

13. Complete the psychopath test and share the results.
14. What makes you angry?
15. Books that have influenced you greatly (for whatever reason).
16. Have you ever had doubts about your faith? If so, what?
17. A photo of your belly button. Thanks.
18. Dewey Decimal Classification v Library of Congress. Discuss.
19. Best present ever.
20. What drives you to distraction?
21. Would you describe yourself as Neo Calvin, Emergent, or Other?
22. What is your take on biblical headship and submission in general, and in the context of marriage?
23. Biblical heroes. Who and why?
24. Could you survive a year without a television?
25. First memory.
26. What fascinates you?
27. Why do you wear mismatching socks? How did that start?

Other people’s suggestions to Tom

28. winter activities
29. Favourite childhood memories
30. Tell us about your Grandparents
31. What scares you (only if your game to share)
32. Thoughts on adoption
33. How you made the move from undies and boxers at once to just undies.
34. The funniest thing you have ever seen / heard
35. If you only had $6.50 left in the world what would you do with it?
36. A blog post with a collection of photos you have taken that you have never shown anyone before
37. Church spending
38. A dance number would be nice… perhaps you could do your own version of the Butter Dance ;D
39. Is your age divided by 2 plus 7 the optimum maximum age difference for a couple or is there more to it than that?
40. Are you worried about receding hair lines?
41. Do you have hobbit feet? (since I’m thinking about hair now.)
42. Who is your favourite Bible character? Why?
43. And please write a made up story.
44. If you hadn’t become a youth minister, what would your life have looked like?: My life as a struggling/average/famous movie director.
45. This is such a dopey question but I just can’t seem to work out an answer and i have now been thinking about it for 3 or 4 minutes. So I would like you to answer it. If a family of another religion came to stay with you for a couple of months would it be ok, to Jesus who you want to be Lord of the house, that they did their prayers in their bedroom each day.
46. one of our favourite topics – vulnerability
47. friendship
48. what does community mean to you now
49. something that inspired you in the last few days
50. what do you envy
51. and you’re wearing only undies now??? Lucky for Robert who shared all your secrets.
52. Blog about your grandmothers and what influence they had on your life
53. I want you to blog about Bethany Lansom.
54. I want you to blog about homeopathy.

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