as expected

I’ve caught a cold. I knew the probability of getting sick after Kedron was high, and, as expected, here we are. Sniffles, headache, sinus pain, and fatigue. Still, thankfully I’m … Continue Reading →

sofa so good

The sore throat has progressed to official head cold. Off work today. Sofa snoozing, watching the world pass by, cups of tea, panadol and Vicks, sitting on the balcony in … Continue Reading →


Battling a lingering flu-cold that seems happy enough not quite reaching its maximum potential. So I’m left with a slightly sore throat, minor sniffles and partially blocked sinus. This is … Continue Reading →


Finally get some days off work and wake up this morning with a sore throat. Rats! And I’m supposed to be going to a concert tonight. Don’t think that’ll be … Continue Reading →