#marchscavhunt fundraising update

#marchscavhunt fundraising update

The Scav Hunt is well and truly over, and there was much fun, fatigue, and fundraising. My fundraising target for The Freedom Project was $2500. The current amount raised is $2269 which is fantastic and very exciting! I would love to raise the remaining $231 by 30 April. If you can help, please go to my fundraising page to make… Read more →

scav hunts and slavery

I am participating again in the March Photo Scavenger Hunt. This year, I have decided to also make it an opportunity to raise funds for The Freedom Project – an organisation that seeks to help end slavery and human trafficking. In a nutshell, I have to take a photo every day during March from a list of 100 categories. A… Read more →

goodbye redshoes

It’s official. redshoes is no more. A few months back I was considering deleting the blog. Then it dawned on me that the blog’s title was the issue. I didn’t like the name. Pardon the word play, but the name didn’t “fit” me. Truth is – the pair of red sneakers that inspired the name disintegrated long, long ago. Truth… Read more →